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     Glass bubbles are a kind of hollow spherical powdery superlight inorganic non-metallic material, which is a new light material with wide application and excellent performance and      more

     Hollowlite Materials Co., Ltd.,, specializes in manufacture, sale and research of powder materials. Its main products include cenospheres,glass bubbles, fly ash, silica fume and other powder materials ...... more

     OIL FIELD: Cenospheres have been used in oilfield cementing for quite some time. During a cementing job, Cenospheres act to decrease the slurry density without increasing the water content. This in turn provides .... more

      The characteristic of cenospheres: lightweight, inert, hollow sphere comprised largely of silica, alumina and filled with air and gas. For such feathers as high compression strength, high melting point, high electrical ....more

  • Details: Microspheres are used in many industrial applications to improve stren...
  • Details: Cenospheres are a kind of light multifunctional non-metallic material ...

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